God doesn't see you as a 

Problem to Solve 

or something that 

Needs Fixing. 

 He loves you and wants to redeem you, restore what has been lost, and rebuild new life in you. 


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Rebuilding New Life™ is a 12-month Christ-centered program that will help you live the life that you were created for. You'll be 
guided on a sturdy pathway, where your whole being will be tended to - spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, and will. As we traverse the holy terrain of your life, you'll discover how to break free of pain and disappointments and experience tremendous freedom, hope, and intimacy with Him, all while being championed by individual mentoring sessions and powerful group experiences. 

We see your heart. We see you seeking. We hear the cries of your soul longing for new life... new life that only He can give. Come. Let's uncover that new life together.

Program Overview

After a lifetime of painful events and more than a decade of being stuck in constant trauma, God's redemption, resurrection, and restoration are evident throughout her life. Kacy is the Founder and the President of Briers to Myrtles Ministries and has led ministries, women’s groups, preached, spoken, and mentored. She is passionate about helping women come out of their wilderness clinging to their Beloved and entering the life God designed for them to live.

Kacy has been described as having the heart of a shepherd, the care of a best friend, and the understanding of someone who has walked the hard ground. 

Meet Your Mentor

Rebuilding New Life™ is open to participants from all nations, and our one-on-one and group experiences will be held online. Our group experiences will be filled with Kacy's teachings, revelation, prayer, and group discussions with the occasional guest speaker. 

Through the Rebuilding New Life™ program, you will be able to interact with a supportive group of like-minded souls during our monthly group experiences and through our private web group. 

Monthly Group

The program includes:
TWELVE 50 min. one-on-one mentoring sessions with Kacy (one a month)
TWELVE 60-90 minute Monthly Group Experiences (one a month)
-The Rebuilding New Life™ Pathway - 12 curated monthly movements that tend to your whole person 
Multiple Resources to guide you into further healing, freedom and growth
A supportive group of women that you will be able to connect with through our community web group
Thoughtful weekly emails to help prompt and guide you on that months movement

The program runs from January 2024 to December 2024.

Program fees are $97 a month plus a one-time $195 fee due after an applicant is accepted into the Rebuilding New Life™ program to hold the spot and to cover administrative support for the participant’s year-long experience.

The application window for Rebuilding New Life™ 2024 is now open!

Come. It's time to reclaim ownership of your life. Let's uncover that new life together.

Rebuilding New Life™

You've tried many different avenues of healing and wholeness with minimal traction. 

Rebuilding New Life™is for you if...

This program is not for you if...

You are looking for a formula and a shortcut to circumvent deep, lasting healing and restoration. 

You feel stuck and overwhelmed and are looking for a clear path forward to the new life God has for you.

You are desiring to be known, seen, and championed by your own personal mentor.

You are content with the status quo of all parts of your life.

You have all the support, encouragement, and mentoring that you need to live the life you were meant to live.

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